Anna Maria Signorelli, LCSW-BACS is offering an opportunity to participate in an eight-week psychotherapy group series.

Note: no new joy groups will be held in 2017

Everyday Joy

Daily wisdom to cultivate deep well-being

Participants will:

  • Observe ways in which current emotional and behavioral patterns limit personal growth and happiness.
  •  Learn skills and choices that promote joy and increase vitality.
  • Support each other in actually living these new patterns..

Each group session includes a brief meditation, some group processing and check in, a short teaching section, and assignments of outside exercises or other homework.

What past group members are saying:

I would just like for potential group members to know how much this group shifted me into a totally new place in my life, especially that first semester!  It is important work.

When I started with the Joy Group I was going through a very un-joyful time in my life. Without ignoring or glossing over the real suffering I was going through, it helped focus energy on finding happiness in immediate daily things while directing energy towards envisioning a life genuinely and pointedly focused on increasing happiness.  I have to say, its working, big time. Plus I totally enjoyed the experience of being in the group. Great people, every one of them. 

A commitment to attend all 8 sessions and to practice newly learned skills and exercises between sessions is required.

Cost is $45 per session.  Sliding fee scale is available.

All potential participants who are new to The Amma Center will meet individually with Anna Maria for a 30-minute pre-group intake.  There is no cost for this session.

Group size is limited to 6 participants

For more information or to request a place in the group, email  Anna Maria at

Even the most exalted states and most exceptional spiritual accomplishments are unimportant if we cannot be happy in the most basic and ordinary ways, if we cannot touch one another and the life we have been given with our hearts.       Jack Kornfield