Organizational Consulting

  • Organizational analysis and design
  • Strategic planning
  • Role clarification
  • Program design and systems development
  • Time and stress management
  • Team building
  • Effectiveness training for supervisors
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Board development
  • Long-term collaboration and support

Anna Maria’s work is centered around the core belief that it is possible, through individualized services based on careful assessment, for organizations and work places to achieve genuine job satisfaction for staff and managers. Learning skillful, effective communication and creative problem solving builds capacity, promotes synergy and energizes the entire work environment.

While all projects include some level of organizational assessment, the bulk of her consultation time is devoted to training managers for increased effectiveness, building trust among managers and employees, and developing action plans. Anna Maria follows up with staff over a period of months to ensure that organizational capacity has truly been increased, and real transitions are taking place.

Anna Maria’s strength lies in connecting with employees at all levels of an organization, identifying core issues, and working with the staff and managers to design a more supportive organizational infrastructure – in short, systems that work.

Please contact Anna Maria directly at:  am.signorelli @ gmail. com

References upon request.