Anna Maria Signorelli, LCSW-BACS, a native New Orleanian, has over 18 years of experience offering mental health counseling to individuals, groups, and families.   She has a particular interest and expertise in assisting in the development of tools for the integration of spiritual values with daily life. Working with her clients, sessions are goal directed and values driven.


Common issues clients address:

  • Improving relationship and communication skills
  • Overcoming depression
  • Exploring multi-disciplinary alternatives to long term psychotropic drug use
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Navigating major life and career changes

Anna Maria offers these words to potential clients:

“I enter into a collaborative relationship with my clients.  Together we work to define the issues that bring you to therapy, and then move beyond symptom alleviation to true and lasting life change. Throughout my many years of counseling, I have witnessed problems, pain, grief, and stuck periods become opportunities for deep transformation.  I will work with you to develop everyday skills to move beyond depression, anxiety, and long held anger.  These skills as well as understanding the importance of articulating your values and life intention give you the path and tools to live the life you choose.

Spending a weekly hour in session is usually not sufficient for maintaining lasting change. I develop individualized homework plans for clients, building on strengths and interests while creating daily opportunities for growth.

I am trained as an individual and family therapist; I am comfortable working with individuals, couples and families.  I extensive experience working successfully with mental health professionals as clients.

I invite the inclusion of your inner spiritual life, to the level that each client is comfortable.

I incorporate the wisdom of Eastern and Western contemplative traditions to foster clients’ ability to respond mindfully, rather than to react habitually, to life challenges.”

Counseling services are offered on a sliding scale.

For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact Anna Maria at the email below.