There is much to be said for a healing practice and way of life that is non-invasive, been around for years, and has been proven to heal, all for free. The health benefits of stillness and meditation are many and the practice of them is safe, simple, and can help restore your body to a state of total wellness.

From the everyday stress that life can bring to medical conditions and disorders, quieting the mind, controlling breath, and seeking inner peace can provide relief. Meditation and stillness centers around peace, bringing the mind into the present moment, and slow, deep breaths. When you actively practice these, your blood pressure begins to return to a normal level, the tension in your body, as a result of stress is relieved, and the thickness of coronary arteries are reduced, which improves the heart condition.

The deepened state of relaxation has been shown to activate the genes that protect from rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, and even cancer. Along with cultivating a whole and healthier mind and body, the mindful, meditative practices also help relieve insomnia, allergies, and depression. The undivided attention and focus given to your breath, surroundings, and the present moment, all alter the brain chemistry and allow you to face life and deal with stressors with a clear, calm, and balanced mind. Begin where you are today and watch your health drastically improve with the practice of stillness and meditation.