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Be still as a mountain and move like a great river.


Tai Chi is a gentle martial art form taught as movement meditation. A series of movements are learned and practiced in a slow sequence sometimes called a Tai Chi dance.

Researched benefits of a regular Tai Chi practice include strengthening and toning muscles, joints, and bones; relieving stress; improving balance and concentration; and promoting general well being and calm.

The ancient practice of Qi Gong combines breath, simple movements, and mental focus to promote and sustain deep healing in body, mind, and spirit. The result is increased vitality, well being, and a deeper sense of connection to oneself and the world.

Fall Classes

All of the following classes are open to people of all ages and skill levels.
Please see instructors’ contact info below for registration and questions.
All classes are held at The Watercourse Way Studio, 432 N. Anthony St, in Mid-City.

5:30-7 pm, ongoing, beginning August 29
Instructor: Susan Welsh
Cost: $20/class or $60 for 4 classes
Classes are easy, enjoyable and suited to adults of all ages and abilities.

5:30 – 6:30 pm, a three month course beginning September 28
Instructor: Mary Lou Bensabat
Cost $175
In Introduction to Qi Gong and the traditional Tai Chi Yang Style short form 
Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi is an opportunity for beginners, for those who wish to re-member what they’ve learned, a chance for everyone to practice and deepen.

9-10:30 am, ongoing, beginning September 1
Instructor: Susan Welsh
Cost: $20/class or $60 for 4 classes
Classes are easy, enjoyable and suited to adults of all ages and abilities.

3:00 – 4:00 pm, October 8-29
Instructor: Marc LaPorte
Cost: $15 drop in, $45 for the 4 class package
Tai Chi warm-up, the 6 Healing Sounds Qi Gong, the Inner Smile meditation and a 13-posture Tai Chi form


Mary Lou Bensabat: mlbensabat@gmail.com
Mary Lou Bensabat, retired from the work world, now lives and plays in the real world.  She has traveled on and off the tai chi path for 35 years, most recently alongside Marilyn Yank.  Although Mary Lou has certifications from IIQTC for qigong and taichi her deepest learning was with Marilyn.  Mary Lou’s Yang style incorporates an inner smile. She teaches groups and is available for private instruction.

Barry Goodman: midcitytaichi@gmail.com
Barry has been studying and practicing Tai Chi for over 10 years with a variety of teachers, most recently Simon Qin, visiting scholar and physical education profession from China. Barry is available for private instruction.

Marc LaPorte: batteringwings@yahoo.com
Marc began developing a meditation practice in 1998 after studying zazen meditation at Loyola University of New Orleans. Soon after, he was introduced to Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist meditation techniques by Sifu Peter Hom and assisted in teaching Sifu Hom’s Tai Chi Chi Kung forms to massage students at Delgado Community College in New Orleans and at Blue Cliff College in Metairie, Louisiana.

In 2010 Marc discovered the Universal Healing Tao techniques practiced by Master Mantak Chia out of the Tao Gardens in Northern Thailand and trained with him and his senior instructors Sharon Smith and Marie Favorito out of Chinatown, New York and Boston. He also worked with another one of Mantak Chia’s students, Kelly Nezat, in New Orleans to combine all of these healing modalities to share with his students in the New Orleans area. He teaches the subtle movement meditations of Tai Chi Chuan (a short 13 posture form), Chi Kung (Qigong), the Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit meditations and feels blessed to bring these methods to the Greater New Orleans area. He is also a Reiki practitioner having studied with Judy Alonso out of Baton Rouge, La. These practices help to tune into one’s physical and mental awareness, excellent for stress relief, heightened immune function, lowering blood pressure, healing headaches and other pain, combating anxiety, insomnia, addiction, and inflammation. Marc is also available for private instruction.

Susan Welsh: smcwelsh@icloud.com or 504-458-9309
Susan is a Physical Therapist of 40 years who has been practicing Tai Chi for 25 years and teaching for 12 years. She is a student of Dr. Yang Yang and teaches his Chen style Evidence-Based Tai Chi and Qigong. She is available for private instruction.