November 12, 2016
We are hosting a daylong retreat to explore the Three Centers of Awareness.  These 3 centers are our connection to the physical body, the emotional/relational heart space, and the thinking mind. When in alignment these connect us to the universal. They are increasingly being recognized within spiritual and psychological communities as the doorways towards living lives of integrity and joy.
Our day will be spent at the River House in Ponchatoula. Surrounded by woods and nestled on the banks of the Tangipahoa River, this place of refuge offers an opportunity for inner work difficult to access while engaged in the responsibilities of daily life.  
The schedule will include time for stillness and reflection, group discussion, and training in tools for daily life by both Anna Maria Signorelli and Marilyn Yank.
Anna Maria Signorelli LCSW will share insights and techniques developed throughout her many years of work as a psychotherapist and will particularly draw from the successes and explorations of her popular and long standing Joy groups.
Marilyn Yank has been a teacher of mind/body practices for over 20 years. She will share breath and movement practices from the Qi Gong wisdom tradition to allow participants a physical and felt sense of the Three Centers of Awareness.
A delicious and healthful lunch is included as well as the opportunity to spend some time in the river at the end of the day.
Saturday, November 12, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Cost $100
Registration is required in advance (and because space is limited your commitment to attend is important).


Two People in the Room  ~~~

Who You Are Affects How You Work with Clients

presented by Anna Maria Signorelli, LCSW-BACS

The Amma Center is pleased to invite you to a special daylong training/retreat for mental health professionals where we will examine new ways of looking at foundational therapeutic concepts. The unique aspect of this series is its focus on the meeting point between the personal and the professional. We will spend time in each session engaged with the question of how our own current growth and struggles impact our effectiveness with our clients. including patterns of thought, negative messages and repetitive inner dialogue.

Educational Objectives:

This course will teach mental health professionals to

  • Understand our perspectives and biases and use them to enhance rather than impede our clinical work
  • Discern how our use of self is affecting the therapeutic relationship by increasing self-awareness and awareness of the interplay of personal values and professional behavior
  • Improve our ability to focus and quiet the mind
  • Increase our understanding of habitual patterns of mind and how these patterns affect behaviors
  • See the importance of compassion and self-compassion in healing
  • Advance our ability to recognize ethical issues, particularly around practicing within competence, and employ the appropriate use of training and consultation


When: September 23rd, 2016


Social Workers and LPCs — 7 hours CEUs including 3 hours Ethics

Registration fee is $ 145 which includes a light morning snack, beverages and lunch.  

Send $ 70 to reserve your place (non refundable); the balance is due the morning of the workshop. Cash or check payable to The Amma Center, 4833 Conti St., Suite 211, New Orleans, La. 70119

Where:  Training will take place in Northfield, Minnesota

Additional details:

9 to 4:30 with ½ hour lunch break

8:45 settling in/ coffee/tea

9 begin